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Future of Internet Marketing

The Internet is the world created by mankind, where people get information about everything if it is available on the internet. Now, most of the people use another term to describe the internet that is Digital World, people use this world because they feel more comfortable calling it as the digital world than the internet and everywhere the term digital is used widely. The digital world is the future of technology, Everything is becoming digital nowadays all the transaction are done online e-payment is followed everywhere in petrol bunks wholesale markets etc.

The program called Digital India which is the program announced by our beloved prime minister which carries the idea of making India use the digital term to do all their business activities. Everything is going on a digital way if consider marketing field the offline marketing is not much effective it use to be. People are preferring online marketing than offline marketing which is more effective nowadays and it is going to be future of marketing.

Technology has improved so much which changed the lifestyle of the people if we compare the lifestyle of current people with the lifestyle of 90’s people it has huge different. Those are the days where people use to write a letter to communicate with each other and it would take 3 to 4 days to get a reply from each other, nowadays if people misses someone they just video calling where they can each other and have a conversation now that’s the improvement technology has achieved till now.

Everything is digitized now, for example, paying money in petrol bunks is done using paytm app there are many other applications developed to do online transaction. people dont go to any travel agency or office to book a seat in the bus, train or in an airplane they directly install an application related to booking and just confirm their seats and make payment online. That’s how the digital programs are emerged to help people.

To buy any electronic accessories people won’t go to any shop nowadays they just go online to search the item they want and research about the product online and when they get satisfied with the service from the website then they will book the order and that’s how the marketing is going on.

From booking tickets for any event to movie, travels, tours etc. Everything is online now people spend most of their time on the internet and make their bookings even Lord Tirupati Darshan they will make it from home.

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